Star Trek: Discovery Is the ‘Origin’ of Captain Kirk’s Trek

Astronaut Dr. Mae Jemison moderated the Star Trek: Discovery panel at New York Comic Con today, which is no coincidence considering that the show’s co-creator Bryan Fuller has said that she was one of the inspirations behind Discovery’s main character, Michael Burnham.

The Discovery team has been pretty tight-lipped about revealing plot points leading up the show’s debut, but now that we’re three episodes in (the fourth airs tomorrow night), the producers and cast on the panel today were willing to open up some. That said, spoilers follow for episodes one through three, and for the first few minutes of episode four.

Jemison introduced the cast and producers, and recalled how when she was in space onboard the space shuttle Discovery, she always opened up her communications with “all hailing frequencies open” — just like her inspiration, Nichelle Nichols, from the original Star Trek. The first several minutes of episode four were then played for the crowd.

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